Junk Art

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This is a good one. All the cities are fun and interesting, some more that others.


****Add men at work


Your oeuvre, while technically competent, is wholly derivative. Your inability to grasp my subtly transgressive meanings comes as no surprise to me.


This is a go-to party game for any family looking to introduce non-gamer relatives to the hobby. The world tour cards offer interesting gameplay variants that make each game feel just different enough to keep the game entertaining. It also includes a variant that can only be played with pieces from Flick Em' Up. Love it!


Several different play modes make give a large amount of replay-ability. Primarily it revolves around building the largest tower. The different modes add things like take that mechanisms and I cut you choose mechanisms. All of the components kind of fit together so you can build higher than one block. It is an enjoyable enough experience.


Location: Kallax


mm pre order


The best of the stacking games. The different city rules make the game and the pieces are cleverly crafted to make the game interesting. Stacking games are fun.


My wife and I really enjoy this for a Dexterity Game.


7.6 / 2-6p BEST 4-6 / 30min / Family 89 / 1.25


2-6 players (best 4-5) 30 minutes


Starts as a filler, ends up being a 2-3 hour event where we're laughing most of the time. I'm looking forward to Men at Work coming out from the same people.


Junk Art is chock-full of variety. The competitions are mostly unique and allow players to shift their focus throughout the game. Unfortunately, not all of said competitions are created equal. Most are good, but a few are too convoluted and slow, giving the game a confused sense of pace. But, all in all its a pretty fun dexterity game with a high level of replayability.


(12/16) 8. While perhaps not the most unique game ever, unique nonetheless. I like the mini game style which keeps it from getting stale quickly. Very memorable second place finish in my first game to Franci. :-) (9/17) Drop to 7. Well, maybe the limited number of mini games did it, but it seems to have gotten a bit stale. Still a go to game for a new group, but those who've played it aren't necessarily dying for another round. Still, a very, very solid game.