The year is 3042, and humanity is ready to explore the stars. Scientists have been studying the nearby celestial bodies for centuries, and they have identified the best candidates for human habitation. At long last, the nations of Earth have the technology to reach the stars. A peaceful competition has begun as they send their starships into the cosmos. In the end, all of humanity will win, but which nation will be remembered as the greatest pioneers?

Kepler-3042 is a game of exploration and colonization. You must carefully manage your resources as you colonize, exploit, and terraform the planets of the Milky Way, developing critical technologies along the way. Each round, you choose which action to perform and which bonuses to activate to further your goals. The nation with the most victory points at the end will be remembered by history as the greatest explorers in the galaxy!

This game contains:

36 celestial body tiles
24 medal tokens: 12 colonial medals, 12 technology medals
Round marker
First-player marker
Science supplement
Galaxy board
17 objective cards 10 standard objectives, 7 advanced objectives
18 progress cards
28 planet cards
4 technology boards
4 planet summary charts
4 Earth cards
4 reference cards (double-sided)
4 action boards
68 resource cubes: 28 energy (orange), 28 matter (white), 12 antimatter (black)
48 nation markers
4 action cubes
12 starships

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