Star Trek: Frontiers

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Hey, this is actually very good! The differences from Mage Knight, while not huge, are mostly for the good--no artifacts, no day/night cycle, but with new away missions. Components are better than Mage Knight, as well, but the graphic design is pretty bad. Black on black, for the most part, with strangely blurry photos for art.



+ Very enjoyable solo experience, building your capabilties, exploring the galaxy. - If plays didn't take so long, I would play this a lot more often. - The art is a bit bland. Not sure if I would like it if I hadn't seen so much Star Trek in the past. - I can't imagine this being fun at more than 1 player, just because it would take so long. Then again, if both can do thinking during the other's turn. I'm curious about the PvP and coop features, though.