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One of those you just have to play, I'd image just watching it would be tough to see how fun these decisions are.


2-4p Sleeves


1.11.18 Sentient doesn't do anything mind blowing and yet I found it to be good fun. Players draft robit cards from a tableau, add it to their player board where the robits may or may not manipulate the dice they are adjacent too (preferably so the robit can be fully activated to generate VP, and then add an agent (and possibly assistants) above the card's spot in the tableau in hopes of having majority for 1-2 of the contracts, which act as game end multipliers. Some might level the charge that it is "Math, the Game", which is fair because there are a lot of quiet moments where you're trying to figure out if their dice's values will work with a robit's requirements. This also means that player interaction is quite low, which is typically a non-starter for me. But the game is snappy and satisfying enough to warrant a 7. Happy to play any time for the time being.


Sentient had me at 'dice manipulation,' but surprisingly won me over with 'area majority.' Since the game offers two equally effective scoring methods, and utilizes a dual-use resource, each decision in the game is three-fold. Players must balance card acquisition, dice modification, and area majority throughout the entire game. A specific card might score you a lot of points now, but is attached to a mostly useless end game tile, or perhaps a card could help secure you an end game tile, but is attached to counterproductive dice modifiers. These delicious decisions are sprinkled throughout every facet on Sentient, and even though it offers up the same puzzle each game, the decisions remain interesting.