War of the Ring

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This is quite an amazing game. Asymetric sides, dripping with theme, multiple ways to win, combat as well as hidden Fellowship. All the good stuff from the books is present in this game. Excellent concept and true to the story or the story's potential. It's great to play each side, as they play so differently from each other. I love the tension involved with the various aspects of the game, such as when to separate companions from the fellowship, when to use cards as an event or for combat advantages, and when and where to initiate an assault on the enemy cities/strongholds. Epic wargame level that takes a few games into it to become familiar with the rules and gameplay. Overall, great fun!Absolutely the best thematic game I've ever played.I would prefer wooden discs as units over the plastic figures, for playability. There's a file created by a user here who made an excellent set of stickers for wooden discs. Someday...


The re-telling of the War for Middle Earth with every play. Theme, theme, theme. The 3-point fonts on muddy card backgrounds is one drawback. For me the other gripes people have are legitimate, but not too much of a problem for me. I have a defective board, but that doesn't hinder the enjoyment a bit.


by 3MBG

Very good game


Though it has some great elements and a propensity to stay faithful to the story, there are some design choices that are hard to understand. Many have been mentioned in these forums so read on to find out.


Pretty damn good for the amount of replay I've gotten out of it. For a card driven game it doesn't suffer too much from "memorize the deck or else!" As long as you tell new players about a few key cards "don't leave Saruman alone if the ents are out!" "there is a card in here that lets an army with a leader move two spaces!" you should be fine. Anyway, it is the most flavorful LOTR game I've played, and being the LOTR fan I am that is enough to move it to my top game list. The main negative I can think of is that the free peoples may not be as fun to play for some. You basically move the ring as much as you can and react to the Sauron player. Not as much opportunity to plan cool strategies as shadow imo.


nice, but too long and complex. Not suitable for everyone.