Dominant Species

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This is a ...

by Robertcompton

This is a war game in all but theme. Why is this in my collection it's not a war game, right? Not that i have anything against them, but my wife doesn't like direct conflict games. Evolution isn't war...(cough)



by ion514



Fantastic ...

by MichaelDyrud

Fantastic game. Even though it can be long, it doesn't feel like it, the whole game moved at a quick pace. Very excited to play it more and explore strategies.


This is pr...

by elltrain

This is probably the most hardcore Euro I have played to date. My brain physically hurts by the end of this monster 4+ hour game. Viciously confrontational, to boot. Exhausting to play, but in a good way.



by anduhrew



Highly con...

by Zeugmatic Player

Highly confrontational direct competition with a variety of actions for creating and maintaining numerical superiority on the board. Multiple ways to score points mean there are important decisions to make every time you take a turn. The iOS app is a great, portable way to play the game. It keeps track of dominance and other background numbers easily, so you can focus on tactical and strategic considerations. The AI is pretty bad as of July 2015.


Loved it, ...

by Chitownsox

Loved it, but kinda long for the first play.



by usagi-san

2010-10-17 - Bought/Won Fallcon 23 2010-11-11 - Rating from 8.5 -> 9; A beautiful game! 2011-01-11 - Hot diggity! 4p -> great game


I just wis...

by StercusCaput

I just wish it played quicker.


i want to ...

by messyjesse

i want to play this once a month... a club needs to be formed


Very long ...

by zxcvbn

Very long with no engaging or exciting decisions. Too much going on for my taste.


(10/17) 9....

by markbesada

(10/17) 9. Heavy, meaty. I really enjoyed playing this game. I might love it even more once I get a chance to play it again. Tremendously tactical but that big final scoring also allows for some strategic play. Wonderful


1 play and...

by Garindan

1 play and I love this game. The dominance mechanics make sense thematically while still providing challenges in gameplay, the rotating placement of actions and action resolution guarantees minimal downtime per player, and allows you to plan ahead to minimize AP. All species have interesting special abilities which can be used advantageously. There are enough different actions available to make it challenging, different, and allow different strategies to win. Overall a great game I can't wait to play again.