Arkham Horror Board Game

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Amazing game only loses points for being a little tough to gather a game of, and being a little slow in the setup/teardown department.


by 3MBG

My actual play count is closer to 300. This was the only solo game I owned when i was sick for a year. It has a special place in my heart.


Snooze-fest. Go here, roll some dice, umm, something random happened. Now you are dead. But here's a new character. Oh, but now some other random thing happened and everyone loses.


I enjoy the chaos that too many cards brings. The theme needs to be appreciated to really enjoy a long session of Arkham. Lots of fanmade additions and adventures add to the enjoyment as well.


It can be enjoyed without knowing much about Lovecraft lore, and it has a good amount of challenge.


Very fun to play - a rare coop game that works well for 2 through 4 players. A little too much downtime with more players AND it is easier to beat the game. Not recommended with more than 4. Also a little too fiddly sometimes with the many, many bits and cards. Still fun though, and I am usually willing to give this a go.


Fun for the first three hours, then I just want it to be done so we can play something else.


I'm a sucker for flavor and this one had lots of it. Plus, like a good video game, it's fun to build up your character with lots of cool items. Long and fiddly but I still ended up playing five times in one weekend and couldn't wait to play again. Consequently I impulse bought it with both expansions. The perfect game to play in between all those dry euros ;) As long as one person really knows the rules well, the fiddly parts of the game aren't so bad for the rest of the players. Also, make sure the players know they are in for a long game and tell them you will take care of all the hard parts. Provided they like the theme and would enjoy wandering around reading cool encounters for four hours, they should have a blast. Despite some issues, I don't remember the last time I had this much fun playing a game.


Overlong and unthematic. Feels like the game plays you, like you lack agency. The over-reliance on randomness adds to that. Possesses some fun as an "epic" board game experience, but there's not enough theme and/or decisions for me


This is the first game I bought, when my new found love for board games began... This is one of our (wife & my) favorite games. We have played it several times and enjoy the massive amounts of options in gameplay, in terms of characters, ancient ones, and locales to visit/explore as the adventure unfolds. I also like the fact that losing happens just as often as winning. Leaves us wanting to go back in and kick the Ancient One back into the dark aeons from which it came. This game is slanted to reflect the desperate environment of H.P. Lovecraft's world. As one of my gamer friends put it, the game can often feel like "upper cut, nut punch, upper cut..." as the cards unfold and enemies populate the board.


My friends and I are casual board gamers, and so this took a few games to get the game mechanics right and remember all the different rules. Which at first turned me off the game due to its complexity and led to some random game play to start with. It's this very complexity that has increased the game longevity and made it one of our favourites as no 2 games are the same. Great fun & well worth it, would highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a compelling cooperative game with a couple of hours spare. You need to be able to invest the time in playing this game. I like the game but i get the same fun from Eldritch Horror which for me has replaced this game.


Fell pretty much flat for me. I would like to give it a second chance though.


(FFG edition) Two plays. Frustrating, non-intuitive rules. Need a computer program to prompt me with the options each step and sub-step. Too bad such a program wasn't included.


Love the theme, but it's really hard to get to the table


A game that I have sat down at on a few occasions over the years, and each time I've played it I think I've become more frustrated with it. It's not very elegant, which isn't a criticism outright, but in this case the lack of elegance doesn't really feed into something greater. Phil Eklund designs inelegant games, but the mountains of mechanics and exceptions in his games typically allow for more decision making space or open up storytelling potential. In Arkham Horror the inelegance feels like bloat. A game that takes too long and doesn't offer much in the way of good storytelling or decision making space.


The theme is good, and the cards are great. There's just way, way too much upkeep and bookkeeping between the fun parts.


1-8, 240m


Cool game, but very fiddly. Hard to get to the table.


Awesome game. Coöperation when it is at its best. It might take a while to play, especially with expansions.


{1play 5players} Long. And you really have to be in the mood for this. I like it but I think 5 is one too many for this game. Four seems like a good number of players. I would definitely play again. One player did mention that the game didn't have much way of "strategizing" as in the moves seemed obvious. The moves certainly are as you are trying to prevent the Ancient One from waking!


Not RPG-lite so much as RPG without any narrative, just random items given to random characters that occasionally align. Oh, and lots of rolling dice to perform skill checks for no apparent reason. Just ew.


Takes a bit of time to setup. Lots of cards and marker tokens. Actual gameplay is quite easy. Overall, a good co-op. Difficult to win. Theme is good and integral to the game - lots of good flavour text.