Some Things Are Too Mean to Die.

After the Agency executed Omega Protocol, Subterra Bravo was nothing but a smoldering crater. We thought there were no survivors. We were wrong. Dr. Cronos is at large.

A new team of Agency commandos, call sign Tin Man, has tracked the rogue alien to a secret research facility in Russia. Their mission: Exterminate.

Meanwhile, Cronos has revived Russian experiments by incorporating Ghin technology stolen years earlier by Soviet-era spies. In his new Russian collaborators he has found the means to protect - and advance - his nefarious research. And this time, Cronos is ready to fight.

To reach him, the commandos will first have to go through his army of Spetznaz and confront a new genetically engineered nightmare. But Tin Man has a hulking mech suit bristling with weapons and high-tech capabilities, as well as an unlikely ally in Thoth, a Ghin scientist with powerful psychotronic abilities and the sworn enemy of Dr. Cronos.

The hunt is on.

Extreme Prejudice is an adrenaline-fueled expansion for LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL], a semi-cooperative board game of miniatures-based tactical combat for 2-6 players. Includes five new scenarios, three new enemy types, and two new commandos.

16 Plastic Figures
2 Commando Character Sheets
4 Overseer Dashboard Pieces
24 Map Tiles
87 Cards
33 Markers
79 Tokens

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LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] - Extreme Prejudice Expansion

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