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Well Fidel...this game is the opposite of you, it looks pretty, plays well with others but in end leaves you feeling like something is not right. I can't put my finger on it. This is no Puerto Rico and I even like playing Hamburgum more than this. I did enjoy it don't get me wrong, just did not fall in love. I am not sure if this is going to get played much or at all. I will have to try it again to see but after that this may get shelved. I have way to many games and see no need to have similiar games when one is vastly superior. Overall Score 6, Appearence 9, Components 9, The Box (storage) 4, Rulebook 8, Ease of Play 8, Mechanics 7, Involvment 8, Replayability 6, Uniqueness 5, Luck 6 v Strategy 4 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


min 2 max 5


by 3MBG

Enjoyed this, has a "Puerto rico" meets "agricola" sort of feel to it. Solid game


2-5, 120m


Board was colourful. Nice components. I won't buy this game but I will probably play again.