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Played just once, need to replay for a good verdict, but first game was quite entertaining. Trading away to make room for other games.


I think this game is pretty damn good. the worker in the columns and rows mechanic is nice. you can never quite get what you want.if feels pretty unforgiving on mistakes, so don't expect to catch up if you find your self behind.absolutely lovely art work.


by paka

Nice buy actualy. Mix of several diffrent games. Make yourself a favor and play with 4 . Would love the expansion as it seems to broaden possibilities a lot but its waaaay too expensive.


The laws part is awesome and the market potentially interesting--but the rest of the game is far too long, too much work for too little payoff, and far too dull. A weak and uneven effort after Pillars.


Only one play of this to date. I don't quite know what to think of it yet. Several more visits to the table for this title are required.


Partially an economic engine game, but with only six rounds there's not enough time to really set it up. The choice of where to put each building is also hard as you're covering a chance to get resources/products. Doesn't seem to be a lot of interaction with other players apart from shipping onto the same ship they intended or choosing Bills that will affect them negatively.


Beautiful bits, nice replay-ability without repeating the same strategy every time.


Well Fidel...this game is the opposite of you, it looks pretty, plays well with others but in end leaves you feeling like something is not right. I can't put my finger on it. This is no Puerto Rico and I even like playing Hamburgum more than this. I did enjoy it don't get me wrong, just did not fall in love. I am not sure if this is going to get played much or at all. I will have to try it again to see but after that this may get shelved. I have way to many games and see no need to have similiar games when one is vastly superior. Overall Score 6, Appearence 9, Components 9, The Box (storage) 4, Rulebook 8, Ease of Play 8, Mechanics 7, Involvment 8, Replayability 6, Uniqueness 5, Luck 6 v Strategy 4 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


min 2 max 5


by 3MBG

Enjoyed this, has a "Puerto rico" meets "agricola" sort of feel to it. Solid game


2-5, 120m


Board was colourful. Nice components. I won't buy this game but I will probably play again.