Trick Shot


A tense tactical game of Ice Hockey.

Use smart positioning, special abilities of your skaters and press your luck to outplay your opponent and score the most goals.

On their turn, players may keep activating skaters, as long as the same skater is not activated twice in a row or a turnover is triggered. However, after each activation, a dice is added to the player's pool. Rolling a "Reaction" result, let's your opponent perform a short move with one of their skaters, while rolling a "Fail" ends your turn. Double fail results in a penalty and gets your skater off the ice and may cost you the control of the puck.

Every few turns, there's a line change, during which you get a new set of face-up cards to use, each with different special abilities, creating a new tactical puzzle to solve.

The game is played over three periods, each period consisting of 12 turns. Whoever scored the most goals at the end of the third period - wins.


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