La Granja

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This had to have been designed by Stefan Feld. Had to.


1-4 players, 120 minutes, medium heavy, worker placementRating based on run through, first game and several solo games.Traded away for The Prodigal's Club


SOLD, July 2017Never played it multiplayer, but do enjoy it solo. Unfortunately, Fields of Arle has kind of replaced it my personal "simulated farming" theme-space. I do like the multi-use cards a lot.


1-4 120 Min


I like the concept of the multi use cards. The art is so bland though.


FOR SALE FOR TRADE Multi-use cards give a lot of interesting options.


Normally, I would score a game like this higher. But when I weigh the overwrought nature of the phase order (and the multitude of steps for each) with the fiddliness, the pleasure from the gameplay is just lacking. Secondly, this is another game that has players begin with a very stingy economy and add to that the fact that you'll only have perhaps a few chances in the game to tuck cards, you barely feel as if you've got your engine up and running by maybe the 5th round. Finally, there are some helpers in the game that can make victory a fait accompli if a player gets one and can make use of it from an early round. That luck of the draw is fine in a smaller game but not one as complex as La Granja. I did, however, like the multi-use cards and the way they tuck; this makes for a great deal of replayability and a good reason to explore new strategies. The Center Market is cool but not as good as Luna, the Revenue Dice are cool too but not as good as Castles of Burgundy, and the Siesta Track is fine but I've seen it done in half a dozen Feld games already. In short, I'd just rather play a Feld game or a Chudyk game than play La Granja.


Only played a learning game so far, and not convinced we played it correctly. Not sure how I feel about it, so will say it seems okay and might actually be awesome, but who knows? Not me. Not yet at least.


Phenomenal euro. The mechanisms may seem like a mishmash at first, but they play off of each other beautifully. The game can play at a breakneck pace once players are somewhat familiar. Also carries the torch of being one of the few euros that are colorblind friendly, so that's nice.


this is a roll and write with a farm theme and crop growing. Charming.


Lots of different, unique and fun strategies that we thoroughly enjoyed. Our first game was very stop-and-start as we constantly had to look up icons and stuff but I think that will get better with multiple plays. Many people complain about the drab board, colours & illustrations—but we thought it looked great.


1-4, 90-120m


Not a Feld, but looks damn close to one. Love the gameplay and the ability of the cards. Those cards!! Worth the pricetag alone.