Tajemnicze Domostwo

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This game felt like slow and vague Dixit. The ghost does not have much choice giving you hints. Changed from 3 to 3.5 after the second play.


A very interesting co-op. The interplay between the ghost and investigators is great, and quite funny. Only let down by the downtime between ghost and investigators.


Holy crap. Who knew co-op Dixit could be so good?


This surprised me with how much fun we had with it. I could see getting to know the cards too well, like Dixit, but then maybe you could use a Dixit deck to add some variety!


Interesting game. Sort of a Co-op Dixit. I like it better than a lot of co-ops in that you don't really have the leader mechanic. There are a couple of logical issues in that players are trying to identify weapons and places that weren't part of the murder, but that is a minor issue at most. There could be some replayability issues if the same group plays over and over, but again, minor possible issue. Decent and fun game that could appeal to non-gamers in a gamer group. There will be many people who will love the game because of the artistic and deductive elements.


Pretty fun Dixit variant.