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Oooooh this is GOOD so far. I'm honestly surprised how quick and smooth the turns are. The stories are really good, both from the cards themselves and choices the players make in their normal play. I can look past the scoring problems because they're generally manageable. Adventure games usually aren't fair anyway. Not sure about 4 players yet so this rating is tentative, but it's GREAT at the lower counts. Edit: There's really only so much game in this box. I refuse to knock it for its eccentricities, but we had no reason to hang onto it after a while. Good while it lasted though.




An absolute hit at our table. Each of us has played the Fallout games and the way this boardgame carries over gameplay mechanics to the table is fantastic. From the branching quests that are all over the place, the encounters, the leveling system, companions, inventory, it's all here in some form or another and works together in a wonderful way. The only part that seems like it could use some tweaking is the faction power system. The factions seem to advance far too quickly, and there's nothing (that we've found) you can do to reverse their march forward. That being said, this is a sure hit around our table.