Promo card that was given for free as part of the Pocket Dragon Kickstarter-campaign.

Setup: Place this card next to the main board, within reach of all players.

Gameplay: This is a new location to use during the Place Characters phase. A single character can be assigned here (that gains +1 Action Point), by using any Workshop assignment card (including Special Assignment cards). The normal Workshop actions are NOT available here, but instead a new Action is available:
Expert Preparations - for each spent AP, the player may place one Trick Marker on one of their Tricks (where component requirement is met), regardless of the AP cost of that Trick’s preparation, or whether there are Trick Markers already on that trick.

When playing against the Dahlgaard’s Heir solo opponent (requires Dahlgaard’s Academy expansion), the Heir attempts to place in this location whenever sending to the Workshop, and treats it as a contested location as long as both the player and the Heir has a Workshop assignment card played, but its character not yet placed.

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