Res Arcana

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Finally played!


This is so my kind of game. I really love that it bends your brain in a different way from Race, although I probably would have been happy with a re-themed and slightly changed version of that game. Res Arcana feels more like 51st State than Race but also its own thing.


Somewhere between Jump Drive and Race. I am impressed by how much mileage you get out of a scant eight card deck.


Nothing but a series of conversion puzzles where you make marginal improvements for 4 turns, then explode into points as someone wins. Dinged a little harder because it doesn't even attempt to do more than that. As if a straight up tableau of conversions hasn't been done elsewhere, and better, a million times at this point.


Inexpensive little engine builder with great art. I lost pretty badly, but I look forward to trying it again.


A very neat game making use of limited components to make a tight and engaging engine-builder. I wasn't originally sure what to think of working with an 8-card deck, but it works well to give each player their own pool of engine cards and resources to manage and focus competition on the sources of VPs (each with their own engine-building side). The magic items add a good relief valve, giving players an extra trick they can exploit for one turn, or helping them fill a gap in their deck. With 3 players the game went very smoothly, each player mostly looking inwards with occasional side-glances at other players. With 2, it became much more tense, with a lot more need to beat your opponent to a key move, or block their plans.