The Republic of Rome

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Absurdly over-complicated and yet once you get the hang of it it has all the negotiation goodness of Diplomacy but with a much stronger (and interesting) theme...


by paka

Loong game, but its very fun with good company. Intersting mechanics and politics that are in play here.


Wheels within wheels within wheels. So there is some good stuff, most notably the theme and the politicking. To get there, though, you need to deal with three things (which, when taken together, are deal-breakers); a) the obtuse rules that are desperately in need of a redesign, b) the bad rules that are just arbitrary (the bad auction stuff, the weird turn order nonsense, etc.), and c) the incredibly wild swings of luck.


Too bad I can't find enough people or time to play any more. This game is *the* political multiplayer, a glowing example of what it meant to be an Avalon Hill game. Sold on EBay in 2009. Bought the new VG edition in 2011. Here's to hoping that I will get to play this beauty!