Ticket to Ride: Map Collection Volume 4 - Nederland

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2-5 players, 30-60 minutes, light medium, trainsWe've played this game now a couple of times. Bought it as we're Dutch, but I must say, this expansion adds some nice mechanics (as they all do), being money. You need money to build your rails (and bridges, there's a lot of water), so you must be careful not to run out or you cannot build anymore. You receive money when another player builds next to you, so you can get some back over the course of the game. The player with the most money remaining gets a huge bonus, which can be as much as 55 point (!), so a goal you cannot ignore. Probably not the best expansion out these, but still a keeper for us.


The toll system really adds a new way to interact with your opponents, seeing as how most of the routes are double-wide, blocking isn't as common. Only negative is that the font used on the map for the cities is very hard to read. As a counter-point, the ticket cards actually have a lot of detail which allows you to use those for figuring out routes.


Played it once and would really like to try it again