Sidereal Confluence

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BGB March 2020 $63


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Really enjoyable and unique game. Just cannot get it to the table due to its complexity and playtime.


I don't much like taking coobs to turn them into other coobs, but man, this is the best of that type of game by a significant margin. The asymmetry feeds the trading, which is brisk and open-ended. The tech sharing is wonderful. The information overload is real, but can be managed given that you're likely to want to specialize somewhat anyway. Probably the best trading game I've played, and the ability to scale up the 9(!!) without much increase in game length is superb.


2017 edition: I managed to learn to play this despite the rulebook being terrible. We all enjoyed playing it. It's interesting and different. It gets you looking up from the table toward your friends. I don't think I'm particularly good at it, but I'm excited to keep trying. The hardest part is getting enough people to play. The economy felt a bit scarce (not unplayable) with only four people. Playing with 5 or 6 made things feel better. Everyone gets to do a bit more, which makes it more fun. I'm not a huge fan of trading games but I definitely recommend this. It's definitely got a permanent place in my collection.


Played for the first time at Origins 2019 and thought it was fantastic. This is the love child of Chinatown and Cosmic Encounter that I didn't know I needed.


I wish I could find 8 other people who like asymmetric negotiating/trading games with auctions. I hear it's like Power Grid and Catan wrapped each other in bacon and had 9 babies and they were raised by Cosmic Encounter aliens.


Played this in a friendly way (we allowed all players to finish trading) and having the negotiating being the only form of interaction left me wanting more. The engines can be complex to setup as you can use your stuff and your opponents stuff so there is always a ton to take in every round and that only grows as more techs are developed. I am personally not interested in this style game.


Some cards sleeved.


This game has a ton of potential to be amazing. It's just a LOT to take in. The mechanics aren't complicated. Trade cubes and cards for better positioning in your VP-generating engine. However, there is so much information flying around the table, digesting it all in a single play is impossible. If I sat down with the game and studied each faction, I could at least get my arms around what makes each economy run. The enforcement of binding agreements is a critical part of what makes this game interesting. There is no backstabbing here, which makes the game feel more like legitimate contract negotiation that rewards identification of opportunity, rather than deception. Not that I don't like games with non-binding agreements, but it's refreshing to see something different. Really changes the game for the better. The "universe" the designer has created, on the other hand, is a terrible. Absolutely horrendous, and a net negative on the gameplay experience (word is the designer wants to create RPG in this world, which... yikes). Honestly, this game would be better stripped of all the asinine half-cocked sci-fi nerd veneer and just called called "Themeless Asymmetric Cube Swap." Trade Condition Notes: All components in like-new condition Box is split (has been repaired with tape)


Wow. This game is about 2 hours with virtually no downtime. everyone is constantly involved and running your engine is very satisfying. For as complex as this game is to grasp at first the basic game structure is dead simple. biggest downside is that this game is a true table hog.


(10/17) 9. A wonderful blend of Euro resource management/conversion mixed in with a HEAPING helping of negotiation. I love that everyone is acting mostly simultaneously so there's very little downtime. So straightforward yet so unlike any game I've played. My #11 game of all time.