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We've played quite a number of games on holiday and they were a lot of fun. 2-players games are allright, but the more players, the more interesting it gets. Children also like this game a lot. We'll play this again for sure.Deluxe version has more characters which adds a ton of variety.


Great simple combination of rules make this game a go-to suggestion for new and experienced gamers alike. There's a lot of replayability with the amount of roles and unique districts to swap in and out. Feels like a completely different game. I'd recommend 2 - 3 players as the best player count. Both counts allow players to have 2 roles per round, which allows some sweet combos.


I have demoed this game with 4 and it was fantastic. However this game loses a lot with just 2 players. It still is fun, but I would wait to play it with more. Easy to teach, hilarious game of keeping people guessing. Relatively short game. June 2019 $14.99


I quite enjoyed this game. There were plenty of moments in the games that I will remember forever. It was just too long for what it was, and the game kind of devolved into smack talk or conversation about other subjects. It did not engage the group like you want a game to do. ---------- Sold this game but have since regretted doing so. It is not great at high player counts, but I think that it would be better at lower.


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by 3MBG

Good lite game, but one that can feel very unfair at times. Losing an entire turn is not fun for the person involved (And in one game we played, one player lost 5 turns)


This is a good game in concept. My group is way too slow at making their role selection, so it drops one in the rating. The random assassinations and steals are both funny and frustrating.


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Great bluffing game that scales well (and makes a very different experience) from 2-7 players.  I might prefer it with two though since the bluffing aspect definitely gets harder to make targeted choices with more players. Another worry is that the "just build every chance you get and you win" strategy might be all there is to the buildings--but there is a bit more to it than that I think. Minor issues really as this is a fun game that I'm always happy to play.


nice card game......


Certainly shows its age with nothing-turns (assassin) and the buildings could be a lot more interesting. Several other games capture elements of this better at this point.


I acquired a copy from a friend who had two. So I got the older Fantasy Flight version. Either way, it's still a fun game, perhaps more fun than Love Letter.


I'd like to have the butterscotch tokens.


2-8 players (best 5) 30-60 minutes


Tons of backstabbing and evil player interaction. I'm not sure if I would call it fun, but it has cool mechanics.


A fun guessing game. The Assassin and Thief (and to a lesser extent the Magician) roles spice the game with screwage. A 7 player game lasts too long, so you may want to reduce the number of districts required in that case. It plays well even with 2. It will often take people too long to decide which role to take. Sometimes a player will just get stolen from and killed and screwed through the entire game, and that's not fun. It's one of those games where sometimes, for the sake of civility, I've laid off on someone simply because they'd been a target all game long (even though it would be in my interest to continue to make them a target). 2008-01-31: Downgraded from 7 to 6.2. Too much downtime.


It's been a while since I played, but it seemed a little long and capricious at the same time.


2-8, 90m


Some games you can learn to play well just by understanding the rules and mechanics. You can't play this game well without getting into the minds of your opponents. And that makes for an intriguing challenge with a simple ruleset.


City building with a role-selection draft. Each role has different abilities that help or hurt the progress of each city.


This was great 15 years ago when hidden role selection was still new. Still fun at times today, but it tends to drag at larger player counts. Not nearly as much fun at 2 players, though.


Rating after two plays. The second time went a bit smoother but I think I like this better with 3-4 players. The first game was with 5-6 players and it went on for a long time. Plus the fantasy theme is not my thing.


Not bad at all, but never rushing out to get it.


Two-player Citadels is really good everybody.


Take that game. Not so fun


(7/16) 4. Just moved way, wayyyyy too slowly. (10/17) Drop to 3.


This game was way more fun than i thought. Nice roleswitching and the way you attack roles not players.