Push Fight was created 25+ years ago, and itall started with the game board.  My goal wasto invent an aggressive game, and I drew afew board designs on paper.  It didn't takelong to come up with the current board design(side rails and all), and I built one out of wood.I loved the way it  looked, and I stuck with thedesign.   The game pieces (and the way they worked) came to me in just a few days, and I loved the way it played.  What Ididn't like, though, was having the ability to reverse a push.  So, I came up with the anchor.  As time went by, Irealized that the anchor adds a lot to the strategy, too. And, I have some great news.Some folks at MIT wrote a computer science paper about the Computational Complexity of Push Fight(March 9, 2018).  Thanks to Erik Demaine, Jeffrey Bosboom and Mikhail Rudoy for their hard work. Push Fight is PSPACE-hard, and that's pretty cool.  Here's the paper: Click here to download the MIT paper. I hope you enjoy my game.  Look for tournaments in the future.

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