Paladins of the West Kingdom

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Solid game at first with little luck involved but with low luck, no asymmetrical game play and almost zero interaction, there always is little replayability. It was fun delving into the rules of the game and figuring out all the mechanics/methods of victory. However after playing this game several times one can already see everything that is in it and what one can do. Yes there is a lot of choices to make at any point in the game and it might feel overwhelming. But if one knows what their end goal is, it becomes quite clear which actions one should take at any given turn. I feel like this game skill cap isn't as high as people make it out to be since the key to victory is guessing the mid game victory conditions right and hoping that the worker/outsider cards will favor you more so than your opponents. With just a few plays one can easily figure out how and when to make the most of their resources, what actions their opponents will take and how their opponents will do those actions. Summary: Game quickly becomes PREDICTABLE and ultimately uninteresting (don't see myself playing it again).


Weight: 3.60 / 5


Love it but hard to find people to play with...