Timber Tom


*The Default edition may be any edition of this game. Designers, publishers and game box may vary.

Designer(s) Marco Bing
Players 2-4
Play Time Short - 30-60 Minutes
Suggested Age 0+

Early last century an eccentric, mountaineering American nicknamed Timber Tom put his entire gold coin collection inside four leather pouches and set off to secretly bury them on four mountain peaks.

The family dispute that triggered his actions was never resolved, and he and his hidden treasures passed away into the unknown.

It was only when his great-great-grandson (an intrepid Boy Scout) deciphered a riddle, hidden within the pages of the old empty coin albums, that the treasures were able to be found nearly a century later.

The manufacturer cannot reveal the true names of the peaks, but they have been able to recreate the adventure as an exciting new board game -- the race to "The lost pouches of gold"!

Good luck, and Happy Hiking!


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