The Resistance

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Our favourite party game. Great for new players, always gets some laughs.


Our favourite party game. Great for new players, always gets some laughs.


Played once, was allright. No need to add this to the collection, though. Needs larger groups.


by Rudi

not as exciting as i would have hoped...yet




Started tracking games late, but I've played this countless times. Maybe 40? 50? It's a lot. I often play it 3-5 times in a row, and have one or two sessions where we played it like 10 times straight (with a "non-gamer" group) . . . and then they kept playing after I went to bed! I've certainly gotten my money's worth, if nothing else!


SOLD, September 2015


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I kept thinking we were in some kind of pre-game round where we figure out our roles and then I realized that that WAS the game!


For the price, a must have.


Great Social Deduction game. the concept of sitting at the table and their is someone sitting at the table that is a spy is amazing. the accusations begin instantly of you're a spy, no you're a spy! and I love hearing the reasoning of why someone, sometimes they can be SUPER random!! fantastic game that I feel can really teach you about a person.


Succeeds admirably at what it intends to do--serve as a Werewolf alternative with no player elimination. Simple, quick, and enjoyable. [EDIT] HOLY CRAP leave the Plot cards in the box. Man, do they suck all the tension and balance out of the game. Without them, the game is balanced on a knife-edge of awesome.


5-10 Players 30 minutes


I think The Resistance is a good game and it had it's time in the spotlight but for me personally it's been replaced by Secret Hitler. I said it in the Secret Hitler review but I'll say it here too. The Resistance feels more like a logical deduction game dealing with facts and less of the social aspect of reading people. Secret Hitler deals with probabilities and uncertainties with waaaaay more human psychology and soical interactions. As a long time poker player I prefer the latter. It's still a game I would never turn down if requested.


Expansions: - Hidden Agenda - Hostile Intent - The Plot Thickens Everybody loves to blame other people as being the spies. This game has lots of room for trickery and deceit even without an expansions/extra roles. Best played with a group of people that enjoy acting a bit/roleplaying.


This is a ton of fun if you are the kind of person who enjoys party games. I love pointing the finger at others and trying to mislead the group when I'm one of the government agents.


Surprisingly fun game.


once start play, hours pass ~~ enjoy playing this, acting is important =)


2011-10 Largely dependant on social interaction. Who is good? Who is bad? Who can make them self seem good when they're actually bad. I expect it feels like Werewolf but plays quicker without elimination, which is why I was willing to play even after avoid WereWolf for years. 2012-05 After playing this I decided to join WereWolf when given the chance. They do feel similar but The Resistance is probably going to be a lot quicker and more engaging on the whole as there isn't player elimination. They are different niches though.


I really want to like this game, but it really depends on the group you are playing with. This is a hidden role game where you go on missions that can be sabotaged. I need to play it some more.


I don't think that it has lived up to the hype. I play with a lot of people that will not lie at all and therefore there is not much conversation that goes on in the game, making the game rather dull. ****** Played this game with the perfect group last night. Awesome experience. Worth two rating points.


by 3MBG

Good party game. But party games are not really my thing


TRADED AWAY Why does everyone like this game so much? It's a round-table discussion of deceit. Not my style of game.


My 2nd favorite hidden role game (after Secret Hitler) but completely dependent on the group.


My 2nd favorite hidden role game (after Secret Hitler) but completely dependent on the group.


A total blast to play. Endless replayability.


Great gateway game for groups but I believe other games are better and more fun. Still a great introductory game though


Fun hidden role deduction. I think I prefer the theme of Avalon a bit more, but if either comes to the table I am down to play.


Classic social deduction and hidden roles. The more I play social deduction games the more appreciation I have for the focus of this game. The game has no frills and it doesn't need them. This is the quickest way to get to accusing your friends of being a dirty spy!


Some incredible times playing this one!



Anime promo cards, not the actual game.


My favorite of the social deduction games I have played. No player elimination! Pretty short games, some interesting roles, and several ways to glean information make the game much more than random guesses. A very tense, strategic game that I can play about twice before being emotionally drained.


5-10 player (best 7) 30 minutes


I think I would really like this game if everyone I know didn't hate it.


2012-01-25: Upped from an 8 to a 10. Loads of fun, all the time. 2012-03-21: Too much of a good thing. While by no means "played out", this has been overplayed in my local circles, and needs some time to breathe. Downgraded from a 10 to 7.5.


It's the spies game to lose. And they hardly ever do.


3rd edition - also have plot thicken cards from 2016 kickstarter


Initials on box lid, upper left corner


5-10, 30m


Rebels trying to destroy the evil empire while searching for the imperial saboteurs within their ranks. Negotiation, deduction and hidden betrayal. May be replaced by One Night Ultimate Werewolf, although I really like the simplicity of The Resistance... It just isn't as fast or as flexible. My rating for this game has become so low because of all of the metagame rules that have to be explained. It’s just a pain.


avalon and secret hitler are much better. only thing going is the theme of resistance.


$10.39 12-Jul-15


Not having roles actually makes the game harder to understand for new players as they are lost without the structure. Needs expansions.


I think this is probably a better hidden-role traitor game than ONUW, but harder to get a group to sit down for and they scratch the same itch.


*** I play this using standard playing cards *** (+) Plays quick, easy to teach, interesting deduction, does what it sets out to do really well (-) Forces you to convincingly lie (personal preference), some people can be left out of missions and discussions entirely (+/-) Needs the right group


Our go-to bluffing game when we get the whole family together (the full 10 players). Can't say enough about the fun of lying to you mother-in-law's face and knowing it'll be okay! This has been replaced by Secret Hitler in our group!




A fun hidden team game. The first mission is a toss up though and I wish there was a way that could be more interesting.


(7/16) 7. (9/17) Rise to 8. Probably the granddaddy of hidden role games. A classic that I really enjoy.