Battlestar Galactica

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Played twice over the weekend, still working out some of the rules. Each time had a real blast, hit the sweet spot with everyone. Co-op game with traitor element. Very thematic and you don't have to be a fan of the series to enjoy it. 31.08.2014. Play this for the experience. :star::star::star::star::nostar: Easy to learn :star::star::star::star::nostar: Fun factor :star::star::halfstar::nostar::nostar: Replay-ability why this game stays in my collection? The mechanics with the voting on decisions can feel repetitive and some turns you can find yourself with very little to do. But the whole traitor role mechanic, with other players possibly being a cylon or sympathiser can make this one of the most socially orientated and entertaining games.


by Wis

Rating with Pegasus&Exodus expansion. I don't like Daybreak


The ultimate game of synergy - traitor


Hilarious table-talk in this game. I don't think 5 minutes went by without someone calling someone else a cylon.


Replaced by The Resistance. The concept of a survival co-op game with secret traitors (some of whom are turned half-way through) is a perfect match for the show, but the game is overwhelmingly long and difficult, and most people I know have no interest in a game based on tv show they never watched that was a reboot of another tv show they never watched.


First play didnt go so well, the mechanics and choices to be made are not that interesting. I think it may have been because it was our first time and no one knew how to play, so ill have to give it one more chance before selling/trading it away.


Maybe it takes too long time between turns, and maybe throwing cards is not all that fun in the long run. For the time being, however, this will see regular play. Paranoia is present. Sometimes it feels like playing a coöperation game with neither co nor operation. Edit: With a full game under the belt, this game is a winner. It does take a long time to play, so I am pretty sure that four players is the prefered amount. Edit: When everyone knows the rules and the down time is kept to a minimum, this shines.


When I saw this in stores, I always ignored it, assuming that a game based on a TV show was designed primarily to be fun for fans of the show (which I am not), at the expense of being fun for anyone else (which I am). I have been pleasantly surprised. I've only played a few games, but this game's loyalty system blows those in Shadows Over Camelot or Bang! out of the water. Additionally, there is an interesting mix of character abilities, and the core skill check mechanic is fairly solid. My complaints are simple and few: there is a disappointing lack of different strategy cards, and there is a significant range of power in the Crisis deck, making the luck-to-strategy ratio a bit high for my taste. (Update) Unfortunately, going to downgrade this one from an 8 to a 7, as either we're hopelessly terrible at this game (but only some of us, sometimes) or this game is hopelessly imbalanced. The part of me that likes to win is starting to get excited every time I see a "You are a Cylon" card, since I've basically been assured an easy victory. However, the part of me that actually likes competitive games is starting to get a bit tired of this game. (Update Update) We've been playing this with the recommended variant of "Start the humans with 2 more of everything", and it seems to do the trick (Maybe a little too much; we should try "Start the humans with 1 more of everything"). If your group finds that the Cylons win too often for your collective taste, try this.


You know, I really enjoyed my first play of this game. I thought it was well done as a co-op game with a great twist. It was fun and it helped that I won. If I were to get a co-op game in my collection, this would be it.


A ton of fun despite the relatively simple mechanics. The real fun is in the paranoia and accusations. Always a nail-biting finish. Fracking toasters.


Back in the day, I played this game quite a bit and it may have even been my favorite. There was nothing like it that blended a thematic strategy game with traitor mechanics (at least that I'd played). Nowadays, this has gotten shelved for Dead of Winter since it's not as finicky about player counts and nobody cares about the show/theme anymore. Personally, I preferred the fact that we *knew* there were traitors somewhere once we passed the halfway point, which pushed us to point fingers at each other over every action, every twitch, every smile. In Dead of Winter, we look around the table anxiously, but it feels like a coop game first with a phenomenal traitor element smuggled in. Battlestar Galactica puts the traitor element in the front of everyone's mind, with some co-op mechanics involving blowing up frakkin' cylons and firing up the FTL to back it up. Anyway yes this game is exceptional... with exactly 5 players. The expansions do improve upon the awful, non-thematic cylon sympathizer role, but it's meant to be played with 5 players.


Not a game I'd like to own, but holy shit is this a great coop+betrayal game. Tension builds really well throughout, too.


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A great hidden traitor game that plays out very well. It's just very long for a traitor game and it can be hard to teach compared to others making it hard to get to the table when people don't want to invest that much time into it. I've never watched the show, but I still enjoyed this, so don't worry if you haven't seen the show, that won't negatively impact the experience.


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