Survive: Escape From Atlantis

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I much prefer Survive to 'Escape from Atlantis' because of the hidden scoring and the lack of magic dolphins. It's not a bad game even in this day and age, but it is a basic tactical movement with some randomness thrown in.


My rating is based on playing it with the kids. I doubt I'll ever pull it out for adults.


Fun & light take that game. Easy to teach and quick to play. Good with more players. Might be too cutthroat for some. Wouldn't play with 2.


Such a great game... simple, elegant even... and can be very very cutthroat, so don't play with those that get their feelings hurt too easily.


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Unlike most variants this has a good two player variant that I enjoy. Would be better with more people though that doesn't happen often.


This game is CUTTHROAT. Don't even bother trying to remember where you put your number people you will forget. One thing I will say with this game to is remember it is just a game! Don't let it ruin friendships (because it will) and just have fun with it.


Awfully random, with lots of opportunities for arbitrary screwage. The memory element is also strange and feels tacked on. That said, it's clever and has a great theme. The shrinking board, in particular, is well-executed.


A real classic. This game is adorably cutthroat and comfortably straight forward.


Accessible to all gamer types. More cutthroat than a traditional family game.


Another game that is fun regardless of how you do. Just seeing the mayhem is hilarious.


Great family game, as long as your family is capable of handing the Take That! aspect of the game. Easy to teach and easy to play.


This is Escape from Atlantis, with all the cool plastic bits. Once I have traded this or my Parker Bros. copy, my final copy will not be for trade.


GAMEPLAY Players play as a group of amnesiacs who wake up on an island only to realize the damn thing is crumbling into the ocean. Fortunately, some kind soul has left boats all around the island for your escape. Only one problem – these are some whale/shark/dragon infested waters and they hate boats and/or amnesiacs. Can you get your people to safety in time before the volcano erupts? I’m sorry – what? On a turn, you perform three phases. First, you can move your meeple(s) three spaces; second, you flip a tile on the edge of the board going in order of beach, jungle, and mountain; and third, you roll the death dice and possibly move a creature. Everyone is trying to get their meeples to one of the four corners of the board. Whoever is left on the other parts of the board when the volcano tile is flipped, goes up in cataclysmic flames. Players flip their meeples over to see their worth and then count their score. THOUGHTS Survive is the board game I never knew I wanted when I was a kid but didn't find until 34 years after it first came out. Oddly enough, for being a gateway-type family game, it’s quite mean. You’re constantly upending your opponents into the water making it harder for them to move or menacing them with the various creatures through the death dice. But, because it fits with the spirit of the game, and because you have so many guys at your disposal, it doesn’t feel that bad to find yourself one meeple lighter. Plus, there are a couple cool twists to keep the game flavorful. The meeples have various VP values (from 1 to 5, I think?) on their base. So while a player may have got four 1-VP meeples to safety, an opponent can outstrip their score with just one 5-VP meeple. But, can you remember which one is which? Or, more importantly, can you figure which ones are most valuable to your opponents? Also, the boats add for some fun co-opportunity. You may want to load a boat up with only your meeples but if you do so, you are a big target. Far better to invite your opponents to share the boat with you to ensure you have some mutually aligned goals. These days, I don’t clamor to play Survive, but it’s one that I’ve had a lot of good times with, especially with my Korean in-laws. As such, I always recommend this as a good gateway game as long as the people you’re playing with have thick skins and don’t mind a bit of randomness in the tile flips and dice. PROS -I never played on the original but I really like Stronghold’s reprint. The quality of the components are top notch, especially the 1-foot thick mountain tiles. -The scoring system where meeples have hidden values is simple but clever and I can’t think of another game that I’ve played that’s copied this. -Even though it’s random, it’s cool how the tiles have different effects or abilities that can either harm or hurt you. -Probably the coolest part of the game is the shared incentives of multiple players on one boat. Among other things, the table talk really shines here. NEUTRALS -There’s a lot of randomness in Survive: which tile your opponents flip, what’s on the backs of tiles once flipped, and how the death dice play out can all have immense effects. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Normally this wouldn’t work for me but, in a game of this weight and style, I don’t mind. -I got all the mini-expansions thinking they would make the game even better but I quickly realized that most of them actually hurt the gameplay. I don’t need the extra meeples for the 5-6 player game, squids just cause crazy randomness and devastation, and I suppose the dive dice are okay but they negate the dolphin tiles. CONS -If a couple of your high VP value meeples get killed early on, it can feel like you’re ruined in the first few minutes of a 60-90 minute game. Not the end of the world but it is frustrating.




Thank you Barnes and noble! I have the original version and a newer one.



Great game for 1982! A foreshadowing of games to come.


Fun gateway game. Since it's pretty old, the modular hexes are boats are kind of flimsy, and are easy to accidentally knock around on the board. A fun game of strategy and a little luck (no, not the whale!!)


One of our families all time favorites.


Unfortunately, just a bit too random - if you keep drawing tiles that favour other players while they have a bunch of red tiles in store you'll just be out of the game in the last third of the game and there's nothing you can do about it. Too long play time for that sort of random nonsense.


Fun game for groups. I don't find it works very well with two players though (generally you are able to save everyone quite easily and I don't love playing with two colours).


Like a childhood game that feels a little strategic. Such fun to push your friends off of boats. I have a soft spot for this one. Easy to teach, easy to play. Good clean, deadly fun.


Ever run that scenario through your head where you and your buddies are running from some kind of monster? This game isn't about out running the monster, but about tripping your buddy. Lots of fun and silliness. Bought on a whim and still no regrets.


Such a fun family game. Super easy to learn,perfect filler, or play 3 or 4 times in a row.


(11/15) 8. (9/17) 8. Just played this again and it's still great. I just think some of us might have burnt out on this, but it's still so fun and cutthroat.