King of Tokyo

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A lot goes to chance w/ this game, but it's easy and quick compared to my other games, which can be nice.


Basically Yahtzee with a push your luck element and a fun theme.


After playing this game with various player counts, I have to say....meh...I have rated it a 6 only because everyone else in the world seems to love it so much and I still think I am missing something. The luck so outweighs any strategy that I do not find it enjoyable. You can mitigate your risk all you want, but in one lucky role get put out of the game. Just not fun! _____________________________ 18/6/15 - Played and lost 3 games, but had a great time with a friend. Perhaps there is something to this game? --------------------- Ultimately this game did not engage me like it does others. I never really had 'fun' playing it. There is definitely and good way to play and a bad way to play, so it is not all luck based, but it just felt so samey every game. I found I really had to engineer a lot of the wow factor with smack talk and that only goes well in certain crowds.


Party game that I introduce to new players.


Silly, silly, fun.


This is a family favorite, played and enjoyed by our kids as young as 3.5 to 4 years old.


King of Tokyo: Power Up adds a lot more.


I had this at an eight forever, but with nearly 20 plays this year and not a hint of growing bored, I'm upping this. It is on the short list of fillers I'll probably be playing forever. Can't wait to see the future expansions.


The base game is... not really fun. It's more boring-er than Yahtzee, and Yahtzee's pretty boring. Pro-tip game designers: if you're going to have players play different characters (especially cool ones, like big, scary monsters), have them all have different powers. Now, I've heard the first expansion does exactly this, but seriously? Variable player powers should definitely have been part of the original game. Leaving it out, just so it could be an expansion is pretty weak-sauce if you ask me.


Itch: summer-action-movie type of fun House rule: If energy is rolled, +1 energy


A strategy light, dice chucking, Yahtzee style game. A good intro to bigger games.


This game is pretty awful. Almost the entirety of the game is rolling dice, with a pretty small amount of strategy with rerolls. The only redeeming quality of the game is the powers, but these are mostly bland and insignificant.


It's fine. Just fun enough for me to keep it as a light game, not fun enough for me to want to really play it. The player elimination drags it down, but thankfully it doesn't usually last long after the first player is eliminated. The whole game is overlong, though.




Boring, repetitive and basically useless......


I still don't like the player elimination, but thanks to the KoNY Power Up expansion there are 16 characters and evolution decks now. It's a solid dice game despite its issues.


26-12-2013 Had this a year now and still is great fun. 02-02-2013 this is a 9 for me. With the expansion it just adds that little bit more to do when in Tokyo. As a filler: - its easy to teach,taking less than 5 mins. - fun to play, who doesn't want to be an evil bunny. - doesn't outstay its welcome, even if there is player elimination, players can cheer on for their favourite monster.



I feel like the Power Up! Expansion is very necessary. The game is fun without it however.


Fun bash and smash filler.


Great theme, the whole family can enjoy this one. Nice and short. REALLY great for kids as an alternative to Milton Bradley type games (monopoly etc).


I found this one kind of miserable, not sure I understand the best play patters


Fun dice chucker, though a bit too easy to get eliminated and some of the upgrades are unbalanced.


Great Yahtzee replacement. Great gateway game. own the Halloween expansion.


Base game, Power up, Halloween, Cthulhu and King Kong all sleeved in regular Mayday


As a Godzilla fan I absolutely love the theme. My partner is take-it-or-leave-it on the game itself and I’m not too much higher. It’s way better with more people.


As a Godzilla fan I absolutely love the theme. My partner is take-it-or-leave-it on the game itself and I’m not too much higher. It’s way better with more people.


I really enjoy this, but I feel it needs the expansion with character cards to be complete.


Yahtzee but with monsters. Great for kids or teenagers.


Very fun party game that is always a good fit for a short game when I have 4 or more players.


Love this game. Easy to learn and quick to play.


2-6, 30m


This game is awesome! It's easy to learn and a lot of fun. King of Tokyo is a fast game, a bit too fast. Ten health does not last long. I'd give a score of Ten if it was a bit longer. Anyway, get this game. It's an exciting and very fun game, and the more the merrier.


4 and 6 year old really do love this game. 4 year old likes to collect power cards, 6 year old likes to pout when he loses. We are working on the second one.


monster yatzee. Longer than a filler game, but basically a filler game.


Yahtzee-like game about giant monsters trying to destroy Tokyo (or each other). Quick, thematic, and strategic to a point, although just about worthless as a two-player game. Which is weird, because it will almost always come down to being one-on-one...


Light, monster movie fun from Richard Garfield, with a combative Yahtzee mechanic combined with a leveling-up system. Not a lot of strategic depth here, though there is a large tactical component to the rerolls and power cards. Player elimination would usually be a strike against it, but it plays so fast you won't be sitting out for long after your monster dies.


Monster mashing game. "Meh" for me :)


Get Power Up Exmansion?


Despite being a dice-rolling game, KoT is a ton of quick, silly, monsterish fun. Always delightful smashy goodness.


Fun game to play with non gamer family and friends. Enjoy the fun of beating up on other players.


King of Tokyo is a yahtzee-esq slugfest, reminicient of the classic Rampage arcade game. The king-of-the-hill attack mechanisms give the game a good feel, and the ability cards help solidify the clashing-monsters theme. The game overly encourages damage dealing, making the victory point condition mostly irrelevant which is a shame as in narrows the game to a singular strategy. But, considering its simplicity and accessible theme, it is one of the better kid-focused games.


$29.90 15-Dec-14


Giant fighting monsters and monster sized dice. What's not to love?




Uses the yahtzee mechanic for dice rolling which is fine, I think what irks me about this game is the fact that it's so hard to purchase the cards sometimes. Yet the cards are the coolest thing in the game to me, so when they're just sitting there staring at everyone and no one can afford any it just becomes really annoying.


(10/16) 6. (10/17) Drop to 5. Just haven't had the urge to play this again, but also haven't had a chance to play with the Power Up. Keeping it as another gateway.


I really wanted to like this game but I honestly can't see why people love it so much. It can knock some people out early and then drag on with only a couple of players left. Theme feels really pasted on. It has fiddly mechanics and it's easy to forget a variety of upkeep activities. I thought perhaps the kids would like it but even the 9yo and 13yo dislike it and would prefer to play anything else but this.