Memoir 44

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This game gets me thinking. I am not a big fan of 2 player war games but this one feels different while being similar. The game looks fantastic and makes you want to play. The set up is a little tedious and the game can be slow with newer players but that does not hurt the game. I have played this game many times with my 10 year old son and we enjoy it. The one thing I do not care for is all the luck. There are dice which dictate the death of troops or not and then the cards the tell which troops can act. If you do not get the right cards the game can be frustrating. I understand how this reflects the true feel of how war goes...but that does not mean I have to like it. Overall I like the game and should give it an 8 but juts can't. How bout 7.8 Overall Score 7, Appearence 9, Components 9, The Box (storage) 8, Rulebook 8, Ease of Play 8, Mechanics 6, Involvment 7, Replayability 8, Uniqueness 7, Luck 6 v Strategy 4 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


Just a great, fun, historic, accessible game for gamers. Can be super frustrating when you don't have the cards to play what you want, but it does make it much more fun overall with gamers of variable experience.


The whole Battle Cry / Memoir 44 system just rubs me the wrong way. I refuse to believe that the limitations on the cards with respect to the left/center/right have anything to do with real command & control.


Second of the Command and Colors games, and possibly the best as it understands that this system, at its core, should not pile on the rules.  I also appreciate the increased focus on movement and ranged attacks as opposed to Battlelore, which can feel static next to this.





One of the best war games for a young player. Very fun, but lacks the depth of more difficult titles and setup takes some time and effort.


Light, tactical, and immensely thematic. Setup takes a long time but isn't cumbersome.


WWII implementation of Commands and Colors that maybe went a little too far in the simple direction, but is countered by the games being generally faster than other CC games.


Literally one of the best games ever made, in my opinion. This is the game I always choose to play on my birthday. I have almost every expansion and addition. Always fun. Some of my best gaming experiences have come from this one.


Too luck driven, boring to play and watch your opponent hose you when you lose because of bad dice rolls or bad card draws. Not fun :(


Quick, easy and thematic World War II battle game with detailed minis, historical maps, and tons of variability. Mostly revolves around using terrain on the map to your greatest advantage while managing the command cards in your hand to overpower your enemy. I really like the mini history lesson included with each scenario.


by klz

I love the way the game is so flexible. It's dropped a point because BattleLore improves on the system in a few ways, and I love the fantasy theme more.


Wargames are not my thing. I do like confrontational games but not wargames per se. As well, WW2 is not my favourite area either. Only played once just to see how I would like the system and the whole concept of "wargames". Probably won't play again.


Very entertaining game, that is right up my alley (WWII). Fair bit of tactic but the luck of the dice and drawing of command cards make it a 7 instead of something higher.