Arkham Horror (Third Edition)

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Seems a bit short on story...but moves along nicely.


Like Arkham Horror: the Card Game: the Board Game. Alternatively, Pandemic: Arkham Horror edition. While the game may boil down to "go places, collect clue tokens, shoot Cthulhu in the face", the mechanics are fun to engage with, and the story actually exists, so I ultimately enjoy it. It's a little fiddly, though


If i enjoy a game, i give it an arbitrary rating of 7 until ive had multiple plays. This gets an 8 from me. It has elements from all the previous arkham file games that ive enjoyed. Never been a fan of elder signs. It has the mythos phase from the LCG, the story telling from Arkham 2nd Edition and the mechanisms from Edritch Horror. This means there is a cost in terms of setup length. So far, its been worth it. Yet another FFG rabbit hole to enter......enjoy. Points to remember during a game - doom tokens go onto the scenario as soon as the criteria is met - movement stops, it doesn't work like imperial assault - If you would suffer damage, you may assign some or all of that damage to one of your assets instead. Good Points + Still has the resolve effect of Eldritch Horror + The codex improves the story telling element. + Making the focus tokens a player decision and capping them. Great idea. Bad Points - Resolve effects (1 game in), dont seem to be based on decisions made by the investigators (hope I’m wrong). - Headline cards appear the weakest element of the game. They are 13 random events, whose only function is to run out as a timer, so that doom tokens speed up the scenario end. A good mechanism, poorly implemented. Coin capsules ordered 7/11


This is no longer the roller coaster of fun and chaos it used to be. Yet it seems to be even more dependant on luck. It retains some mechanics from the "original", but loans heavily from Eldritch Horror and from the card game. It is not a bad game, but in its attempts to tell a story, the narrative gets lost in card draws. If I need a clue, I have to have luck, not just in my dice, but in my draws as well. Basically, it is less engaging, but quicker than its predecessor. Sometimes one wants to delve deep, and sometimes one wants a quicky.


Streamlined version of 2nd edition, with the story development of the LCG.