Asking For Trobils

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My son enjoys playing this with me, and I rate it primarily as something to play with my kids. Pretty fiddly, but a decent introduction to worker placement for kids.


A fun, and very light worker placement game, with a brilliant bumping mechanic which injects a healthy amount of player interaction. Gameplay is fun, but the simplicity of the pick-up and deliver mechanic doesn't pack enough punch. It takes a while to ramp up as players struggle to get more ships and build connections, but the fun mounts quickly thereafter. Regrettably, the various resources vary drastically in utility. Ore is used in capturing Trobils, acquiring ships, and purchasing mega-traps, while Crystals are only used to harvest space slugs. This causes Ore and Credit connections to be bought up almost instantly, with a large ROI, but Carrots and Crystals can stall the market for ages. While a bit too light overall, Trobils is an enjoyable and friendly worker placement.


A fun worker placement game that is easy to teach, but still deep in strategy. The bumping mechanic works great and the fact that it doesn't punish the player being bumped is such a great take on that. Being able to modify the worker spots by upgrading your ship is also very fun as it just makes the game different every time you play no matter what.