Glass Road

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This is similar to Ora et Labora, but with tiles instead of cards. It also boasts a faster and more streamlined experience than Ora et Labora. With that said, I enjoy BOTH -- one being more detailed than the other, and both with some interesting decisions throughout. The solitaire rules are enjoyable as well, though I find that there's not enough granulation in the scoring (most scores tend to cluster about the same values for me). Still, it's enjoyment for any number.


Interesting multiple blind card selection. Need to choose a balance of cards for you and cards somebody else will play. Another unique mechanic for resource conversion with two spinning dials.


This game really makes us laugh.


I can't believe it took us so long to play this game. What an awesome mix of quick play time, planning ahead, and decision making.


The resource mechanic is so hard to wrap my head around. That makes me want to play this a few more times.


This was a fun little game where you develop your personal tableau buy acquiring resources and buying buildings. It has the most novel way of tracking resources through a rotating dial.


7.5 / 2-4p Best 2 / 75m / Strategy 114 / 2.96 (Uwe game / shorter time frame / Heavy Game but shorter time, Rated 10 by Reddit reviewer, Reddit underrated game, awesome deep game that plays in 75 min, Suzanne #13 2016)


7.1 After initial play. Felt like a light worker placement game but that's why i came last. Rating may go up after repeat plays.




I really, really hate the way the cardplay in this game works. Which is a shame because I do love the rest of it.


1-4, 75m


Preliminary rating based on one play. The resource wheel was a fresh take on resource management and presented a satisfying challenge for me. Lots of building options- too many to really get a good grasp on in a first game. Theme was take-it-or-leave-it.


Nice game with a good solo variant. I need to play more of this one


"Analysis Paralysis" game. People who like to plan ahead and try to calculate how everything is going to unfold. Its very hard to do this because of the wheel and if you have many buildings that can convert goods. Nice looking game with uniqe wheel. The 2 best things with the game is to choose cards and see if other player picked your cards, and collect resorces. Its fun to use your board with things The 2 worst things is that the buildings i to smal, and the text. hard to see (and they can upsidedown from where you sitting), its hard to calculate then. They are so nice looking art but you hardly see it. The 2 thing is that its to mutch Analysis Paralysis even without the wheel sometimes. I am forked aboaut the game.