Mystery of the Abbey

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i love this game. But i'm learning that other folks don't enjoy it quite as much. hmm..


it's Clue deluxe! far better imho.


Clue, but fun.


In a nutshell: it's Clue meets Guess Who?. All questions are asked and answered publicly, though, so the better you can work the Guess Who? aspect of the game, the better you'll do in a multiplayer game. Cards get passed around fairly quickly, so you'll have to be more careful about your questions than Clue, since you want to learn what you need to before everything gets passed around. An improvement on Clue, with more interesting bits (though still simple enough to play with the family) and a delightful lack of roll-and-move, but ultimately the core of the mystery mechanic remains "Ask your neighbors about their hands until you eliminate all but one possibility".


My two plays were fun. Played with 3 and 4 players. The questions aren't too original and it appears that the person who has seen the most number of people is the winner. Excellent production though :)