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Heavy, thought provoking and downright nasty as the game closes.


I may need to play this a bit more to figure out what makes this game fun. It was certainly enjoyable, but it was pretty complex and the strategies were a bit opaque.


2009-10-31 - Bought 2009-11-05: 3 player map; basic game. Not bad. A bit of a change compared to AoS 2nd edition. I like the separation of the income track and VP track.


Steam, while mechanically sound, fails to maintain thematic continuity and becomes disjointed. What begins as a gratifying race for key routes and city access devolves into a competition for creating the most convoluted delivery routes. The game rewards players for delivering through as many towns as possible, which is antithetical to how a delivery corps should function. In reality short and quick deliveries are preferred, but in Steam players must create an increasingly serpentine web of rail lines. This inconsistency makes the game frustratingly counterintuitive and produces a strong enough disconnect between the theme and mechanics, that makes even the most mechanics-first gamers cringe.