Codenames: Pictures

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One of the very best gamer party games. Work in teams, so it doesn't matter how many players you have. Infinitely repeatable, especially if you use cards from different games as the spy pictures. Fun and laughter.


I like the pictures more than the words, but they don't make any marked change to the game. If anything they might make it easier to link cards together, making the game less challenging and thus less interesting to play.


Pretty fun game for groups.



Codenames is more fun for me (with words rather than pictures), however, some will find pictures more interesting or easier. Combining the two is interesting too.


It's fine not an initial home run at first enjoyed original more.


Present from 2016 BGG Secret Santa


A bit of a step back from Codenames (: Words). Pictures has much stronger table presence than Words, but Words explores an interesting facet of human language that Picutres fails to replicate. At the end of the day though, its basically the same game. I don't see the need to own both (unless to mix and match, which would likely be very fun), but I'd recommend Pictures over Words for anyone who hadn't already landed a copy.


(+) A new twist on original Codenames, pictures are unique, easy to teach, quick play time, good price (-) If you've played the original Codenames it doesn't change things enough to make it feel new, all pictures are black and white, fewer cards (4x4 instead of 5x5), original codenames does this concept better in my opinion


I was excited after playing the original so much but it felt a little less fun. The images are clever but it felt difficult to connect more thab 2 or 3 each turn.


(2/17) 9. (9/17) Drop to 8. After the initial excitement, I think I don't like this as much as original Codenames (though I do think I'm better at this version.) Still, a fantastic party game and I'm sure some will definitely prefer this to the original.