You’re a Monarch, and your Kingdom is in serious trouble. There’s a conspiracy that advances quickly, and your head is the target. Wisely identify and condemn the Conspirators before it’s too late. But be careful —you could destroy innocent Citizens in the process! Or perhaps, are you a Conspirator? Use your wit to convince the Monarch that you’re on his side without anyone suspecting of your hidden plot.

Conspirator is a social deduction game inspired by Mafia, and has a theme based on the Renaissance monarchy. Also, unlike other games of this kind, it introduces a unique character that completely changes the flow and strategy of the game: the Monarch, who is responsible for making all the Kingdom’s decisions.

To begin, each player receives a card with a secret role that determines which team he belongs to and what are his abilities. The Citizens of the Kingdom are the majority, but they don’t know who belongs to their team; Conspirators are the minority, but they know who belongs on each team, which allows them to plan and collaborate to destroy the Kingdom.

The game develops in alternating phases of day and night. In the day phase, the Monarch has the opportunity to condemn a player for conspiracy with the Citizens’ help; in the night phase, Conspirators secretly wake up to eliminate an innocent Citizen. The Kingdom wins if they condemn all the Conspirators, while the Conspirators win if they eliminate all the Citizens.

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