Rise of Augustus

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Math Trade SpSp 2016. Rating based on 1st play. Decent filler, feels a bit like Bingo, only then actually fun. Theme is nice, plays smooth.


SOLD, September 2015


What a brilliantly fun and charming game. Is it gamer bingo? Sort of. I mean yeah...you're drawing things out of a bag and marking spots on cards but it's way more about playing odds and resource management than it is luck.


Everyone I've introduced this too enjoyed it! Easy to teach, and fun to play.


Very good bingo. However it is fun to play. I know when this gets opened to play it won't be just one game.


It's Bingo with a little more strategy.


As a lot of other people have pointed out, this game had a lot of potential to be a much better game, but fell very short. In the end, it's a fairly decent game for playing with non-gamers, or if you just want an easy-going game to play with the family. It doesn't drag on too long, and is pretty easy to play in the background while people are talking. The box is much to big and gaudy though. It could easily have been half the size, and still had plenty of room. I wouldn't say this game revolutionizes Bingo in the same way that Red7 revolutionized Uno, but it is a step up, and one I would recommend if you can find for a good deal.


Simple enough for beginners, yet strategic enough for gamers.


Initial rating after 1 play. Not sure about this, it plays like a filler but felt like it outstayed its welcome. Not sure how it won SDJ.


Decent Game, I enjoyed it but the wife didn't. Only had a chance to play it once. I think it will shine more with more than 2 players.


(11/15) 7. (9/17) Drop to 5. A solid, easy game that's a really nice take on Bingo, but maybe a little luckier and lighter than I prefer.