1812: The Invasion of Canada

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I quite enjoyed my first play. I am concerned about play balance, and the endgame, and how much there is for one person to do in 5P (and how wonky the game is in any other player count); but it was awfully fun and clean. [EDIT] My patience is getting lower with fixed-hand games, especially with odd numbers.


A really interesting, hybrid Euro/wargame for five players. It probably works just as well with fewer players as well. The conflict is divided between two sides: one with two factions, the other with three. Each faction has unique qualities that makes them play differently, but they still must work together to succeed as a team. Several interesting design ideas make me eager to try this one again.


One thing I hate about wargames is how tedious they can get. I want my meticulous planning and strategizing to stay in heavy euro-games. I want all the fluff stripped away from my wargames, so I can just dive right in. This is what 1812 does. There's no special rules to remember, no complicated movement patters to memorize. Just take a group of cubes and push them where you want to go. That's not to say there's 0 strategy, and this is just a dice chucking affair. There's a lot of game here, it's just not bogged down in the details. You're able to look at the map from a high-level point of view and easily make decisions about your army as a whole. This game takes all the fun you get from being a pro player in Axis & Allies, and removes the barrier, so everyone can play at that level of strategy.


Whilst not yet a huge fan of wargames per se, i was fortunate enough to have someone explain the rules to this and give it a try. We also played in mini-teams which is currently my favourite way of playing confrontational games. There is an element of luck with dice rolls, but this is nicely tied into the potential variability of the unit. Not a bad game, but not necessarily one for my collection as my wife won't enjoy it.