Gold West

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A fantastic blend of varying mechanics, with the rarely-used Mancala mechanism at the heart of it all. Extremely enjoyable game, albeit mostly abstract with a (beautiful) pasted-on Western theme.


SOLD: 2016 RECEIVED: 2016 A game that can best be described as Euro-Lite. It's got recipe-fulfillment; a shipping track that, plain and simple, gets you points; a bonus tile area you can control for game-end scoring; stock market domination; route building; a bit of a mancala-style system for resource management; a bit of punishment for not meeting turn requirements; and a dry theme too boot! Whew! Looking back on that, it doesn't seem Euro-Lite at all but, for any moderately experienced gamer, Gold West will be far from overwhelming. It's a pleasant, quick game, that is fairly easy to both teach and learn, and it'll be a nice stepping stone for gamers looking to go beyond TTR, Catan, Takenoko, etc.


ELEGANT. Very tight euro. Beautiful art and design style. Pasted theme but wild west is great (and under represented). Short with meaningful decisions. Doesn't overstay it's welcome. Probably my favorite middle weight cube pusher.


Maybe I am maturing as a gamer or maybe it was that I was playing with fairly inexperienced, but I did not mind it too much. Still not my cup of tea. Too much strategy and min-maxing. I totally messed up my moncala planning, but it did seem like something I would be able to play, after a couple of plays.


We absolutely loved the game—the puzzle was a little more difficult than we expected, but still very enjoyable. The production quality was fantastic, as expected from TMG.


needs more plays