GKR Heavy Hitters

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Positives:- Best Miniatures In Any Game Ever- Engaging Card/Energy SystemNegatives:- Insanely Long- Way Too Many Rules For What It Is- Completely Overstays Welcome- Broken Scoring System- Inevitable Stalemates and King-making Issues


Really love this game. The mechs look amazing on the table. I could use some more color on the board. The card play is very interesting, where you deck actually represents your life, so you have to be very careful of what and when you play cards.That said, there are two major let downs: 1. The setup a takes forever. The time we take to set up our decks before play is excruciating.2. There is a LOT of waiting for your own turn especially on the movement phase; lots of decisions to be made while other players keep waiting.


It's some fun, but it's too long and expensive for a game with few choices to be made. Games like Sakura Arms and Shadespire do similar things far, far better.


This is a great dice-chucking skirmisher. The components are fantastic and the gameplay seems primed for expanded content. It plays a little long due to how long it takes to play out the weapons sequence, though we found that it sped up if we put everyone's fired weapons in a pile and had one person order them all by speed so that we're not constantly asking what everyone's next fastest weapon speed was. All that said, the card pool needs to be expanded for each faction. While there are plenty of primary and secondary weapons to choose from, the variety among the maneuver and response cards is a little lacking. Faction specific maneuvers in particular would be amazing.


It's like Battletech kind of? But card driven which I love. A bit long to play but worth that time. Not shocked that Weta Workshop is able to make board game miniatures that actually look good.


by 3MBG

Friends KS version from NZ release event. Played our first game and thought it was a blast. Interested to see how the deckbuilding works as we pretty much picked random cards and pilots for our first game. Solid fun, and vicious on the "leader". Going first sucks


More fun than I expected. I always like the idea of minis games, but usually do not have fun with them. This one was neat.


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