The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game

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Decent interpretation of it's big brother. Requires a lot of table space for a card game. Still prefer the base game over this one so willing to trade this one away.


Sold June 9 2019 at Pips and Peeps con.


Plays much faster than the original. Only tried the solo mode against AI which is the best way to do a solo mode. The only thing dragging it down for me is that they decided to stay true to the name and make all the components cards. If they had used cardboard tokens for some of it or even provided a board and/or some real player boards, this could have been much easier to setup and less fiddly to play. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this game, but the setup time made it not worth keeping.


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August 2019 $5.99


Play closely resembles its parent, The Castles of Burgundy. Randomness through cards instead of dice. Fun and engaging puzzle with the right amount of chaos.


Unbelievably good. Best card version of a board game ever made.


1-4, 30-60m


I can imagine that Alea had in mind for CoB what Andreas Seyfarth did with Puerto Rico/San Juan. Instead, Stefan Feld has managed to take his best game and turn it into a very bizarre card game. It's not easier to set up. It's not particularly streamlined in terms of game play. It removes some of the core elements of the original that make it such a delightful, brain-twisting little puzzle (most notably the spatial element). And most bizarre of all: even though the game uses mini Euro-sized cards, the game takes up TWICE THE TABLE SPACE of the board game! Game play isn't particularly bad. I'd play it under minor peer pressure, but the UX is atrocious. I would never prefer this to the board game version. I'm really not sure why this game exists.


Faster and more thematic version of the original board game, but I'm still not sure what the dice/cards for actions represent...


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