The Gallerist

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One of the few games I've played that's lived up to every bit of hype I've heard. An incredibly heavy (for my group) Euro that all of us had a blast playing. Thematically coherent and wonderfully crunchy.


Need to play again. Interesting enough, I suppose.


Love the solitaire for this. Bit of a bear to set up, but plays very smoothly. Fun puzzle to solve and looks great on the table. My go-to Lacerda.


Beautiful. Full of surprises.


Beautiful production! The board is super clean and the rules and player boards are perfect! This game was surprisingly simple to learn and yet is a very crunchy brain-burner! Unfortunately the mechanics feel much more abstracted from the theme than Vital's other games. In Lisboa everything makes much more sense from a thematic perspective, therefore, figuring out what you need to do and how to do it is much simpler. In The Gallerist things become much more of a puzzle like trying to figure out which tickets/vistors you need and where you need them to do certain things feels chore-some. The international market also feels very abstracted. I like puzzles but in a game like this I feel they take away from the "fun factor". Overall, I still think it's a great design mechanically and many heavy gamers will definitely enjoy it. I would just always rather play Lisboa over The Gallerist given the choice.


Beautiful, thematic, interactive. Edit: I've soured on this a bit, as I find the interactivity and cohesiveness isn't quite there.




So many things going on, I don't know if I really want to do any of them. I've only played one game, and I know I would do things differently if I were to play again.


We absolutely love the game! It took us a little while to understand the mechanics—and we still don’t understand what strategies to take—but it’s fantastic. The graphic design & iconography is superb and the insert & components are wonderful.


Kind of the warm-up to Lisboa, which takes a lot of the mechanical concepts and integrates them with more thematic pop. There are so many ways to shoot yourself in the foot through small mistakes, and figuring out what matters doesn't make a lot of sense because some of the pieces just don't fit together. Area control in the International Market feels tacked on, and yet you ignore it at your own peril since the endgame scoring Reputation tiles are crucial to winning. The contract bonuses require more forethought than you'll realize, and the penalty for not planning that out is dire and not immediately obvious as to why. There's a bit of semi co-op with pushing artist fame (which I like), though it's sort of optional depending on the group's play style. In Lisboa, building public buildings is central to the game's core, and is going to happen no matter who is playing. Like all of Lacerda's games, "there's a lot going on here," but stepping back and seeing the big picture doesn't necessarily help you play the game better. I still like this game, and I would rather play this than a most of the resource conversion/trading Euros, I just feel like Lisboa does a lot of what this game does [i]better[/i].


Takes too long for what it is. The turns are kinda slow and the point scoring I am not all that interested in. Would rather play A Feast for Odin or other worker placement type game.


First play went extremely well. Very smooth gameplay with so many different things going on. Edit 1/16/18: bumped from 8.9 to a 9.3. After multiple games played, the game jsut keeps getting better. I am excited to try a different core strategy every time to see how it pans out. Its just so fun buying and selling art, but each action is layered with tons of juicy decisions.


First 4-player game took a little under 3 hours.


+ Love the theme and looks of this game. + Interesting strategies buying art from artist and then promoting them to increase value, or better yet, benefit from your opponents investments. o Heavy and will burn your brain analyzing the options and planning the order of actions. - Enjoyed 2 games of solo to learn the rules, but don't think this makes an exciting solo game. (the automa does not influence the prices of artworks)


Without question the most exquisitely produced board game to ever hit my table. The board conveys oodles of information, but the layout is very clean and logically organized, and the crisp graphic design adds to the overall aesthetic without creating distraction. From a gameplay perspective I find that the strategies are very delicate, and hinge on a specific order of operations, which isn’t a criticism in itself, but turns into one due to the kicked-out actions. While being strategically fascinating, these actions too often interrupt game flow and force players to constantly piece back together their next few moves in a manner that is more frustrating than satisfying. Instead of adding a tactical level of player interaction, they create a frustrating downtime issue, and exacerbate the game's overall length problem. Overall, despite the slow and methodical gameplay, each and every decision provides a satisfying crunch.


Vital Lacerda has done it again! My SO and I love CO2 and it's great to see him still pumping out great games. Though I'm not totally into the theme, I think the artwork in this is just too good to pass up. Kickstarter


A great worker placement game with a theme you don't commonly see, but fits perfectly.


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