Steampunk Rally

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Love it! But hard to fin a group to play it!


Somehow this game tricks people into thinking they aren't playing a roll & move game.


Second game was better than the first, after what seemed like a poor explanation of the rules before my first play. I still don't think I'll want to play again, but the second game has made it more likely.


I seem to have a minority opinion here. I like drafting games, but I didn't feel like I was able to make very many meaningful decisions in this one. It's a convoluted mish mash and entirely too random. I think this appeals to people that enjoy the theme and rolling dice; I'm not one of those people.


W/ Exp: Promo Cards Played a couple years ago and recently acquired.


One of my very favourites to introduce to new gamers. Always fun.


There is a lot to love with this one. A myriad of inventors, various track possibilities, and loads of unique invention parts keep the game ever changing and consistently enjoyable. I like how some cards scale with player count, too; becoming more or less powerful as players are added to the fray. Dice luck is easily mitigated and low and high rolls are equally desirable; a critical factor in any dice game. The simultaneous action makes the game feel surprisingly solitaire-like despite its ability accommodate more players than a majority of similar titles. The best part is that you literally build engines to "engine build". I love hunting for feedback loops and creating lengthy conversion chains to speed past my opponents. Its difficult to piece together an engine and maintain it (due to the damage mechanism), but this forces adaptive play. Certainly my favorite card drafting, and engine building game.