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FULLY SLEEVED 96 x Swan PanAsia Mini Euro: Standard (SWN-006, 160/pack) - (45 x 70mm)


7.1 after first play. Felt different from anything else we have. 7.4. After 3 plays. There are two games here, one is the deduction race to determine what components make up each ingredient (or sudoku on steroids as one friend commented). The other is the worker placement aspect, which has a touch of fresco about it. The random draw of the 8 ingredients can reduce the options you wanted to take. Artifacts can provide an element of interaction. why this is in my collection A competitive deduction game.


Love alchemists. Very fun, thinky game. Your head will hurt after. Takes awhile to explain, but I'm getting better at it. The wife really likes the discovery aspect of the game, but ignores the actual VP portion, but still enjoys playing. Takes awhile to play as the player count goes up. App is great!


2-4, 120m


Hard to get to the table due to requiring a phone app


One of the most puzzle-y games I've ever played. I love the deduction, guessing, and sometimes bluffing, that occurs with publishing aspect of the game, but the game as a whole feels rather rigid. Actions are incredibly limited, and money is tight, forcing you to make decisions with limited information. Granted, that is the point of the game, but I wish ingredients and money were distributed more liberally. For a fun solo experience, open the app and play through the chemical/ingredient puzzle; it is very fun even on its own.


This game is so much fun. However it can burn your brain out at certain points with how much there is to pay attention to. Also if you mess up recording a potion result at some point you will go insane trying to fix everything. The app I think works really well. It's extremely simple and easy to use and eliminates having to have a player sit out and be a game master.




BGG Secret Santa gift from the wonderful and overly generous Ann (who I'm still awaiting an Geekmail from!!) (12/16) 9. Really, really enjoyed my first play of this. I generally enjoy deduction games and actually won in a four player game where two players had already played before and were almost certainly playing better than me but were unlucky while I fell into a nice engine that pushed me far ahead. However, even with the victory, I definitely still don't grasp the intricacies of this game yet, and I'm very excited about that. Looking forward to diving back in soon, though I'm slightly worried by how intimidating this might be for players not already familiar with the game. Oh, and I LOVE the app aspect of the game. Very useful and clever. (10/17) Drop to 8. A game that I love that feels especially difficult to get to the table given how up-to-your-neck deduction is involved.