Barrage Battle


Barrage Battle is a tactical fantasy themed board game that blends strategy and dexterity requiring players to throw projectile dice at enemy targets for ranged and magic attacks. The game is played on a large gridded board with a deck of cards containing Units, Structures, War Machines and Spells. Manage your gold and mana to deploy cards to the battlefield as you advance your forces. Strategize to deploy which cards and when. Your ranged attacks and spells will allow you to throw unique dice to eliminate threats from afar and to clear openings for your melee forces. Eliminate your opponent's King to win the game. Barrage Battle was created for all levels of players and has even converted some new players to the hobby of tabletop games. The game can be described as mid weight in the scope of board games and contains aspects of tactics, strategy, and dexterity. What makes Barrage Battle stand out is how the dexterity element is blended into the strategy and tactics of the game. Dexterity alone does not define the game, but it is just one part of a balanced gameplay design. The game will leave players with many memorable moments of amazing dice throws and dice rolls, harrowing defeats and epic victories!

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