Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack

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Just picked this up because we had a large group of friends coming over. Had a blast, enjoyed it immensely. It is what is - no more, no less.


Play this a lot with my advisory group at school.


Perfect party game. Hilarious every time!


More of an activity than a game. I usually get bored of it after a few rounds but it's great for parties.


Super accessible party game. Nice because everyone can sit down. You are always surprised at people's artistic talents (or lack there of)


I can't believe how hard we laugh every time that we play this game. Great for many occasions.


What a Blast! Truly is a fun party game. Have played with 8-11 people.


Easily the best party game I've ever played. It does everything a party game should. Everyone who can read can play it. You don't even have to be able to draw. In fact, the game's better if you can't draw! In my opinion, the one thing that consistently kills party games is too much competition. A lot of people who play party games aren't there to necessarily win so much as they're there to have fun, including people like myself who normally are very competitive with board games. This game fixes that by just removing the competitions entirely. There is technically a way to play with teams, but you really shouldn't. Just play through, and make sure to have everyone show off their drawing history at the end. That's where this game really shines through.


I'm on again off again with Telestrations. It's always a hit with everyone I have played it with. I will play it again in the future, but need time off in between games. It can sometimes out stay it's welcome if it goes on for too many rounds.


Just a good time and always good for some laughs.


More of an activity than a game.