The Bottle Imp

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Very nice trick taking game. It worked beautifully with three players, and I enjoyed playing it. A good three player trick taking game might be nice to have. I am unsure of what this would be like with two or four players, that might be interesting to know.


"WHAT! no that's not what i wanted to do."


An interesting and counter-intuitive (though not obtuse!) trick-taking game.


Light filler. Nice title to play while awaiting others to arrive for longer fare.


Only played three player so far, not sure how much another player would alter game play. The bottle goes to any player that played lower than the current value, the higher number if more than one card was played lower. Whichever player has the bottle at game end loses the points they've taken, everyone else gains points.


mm pre order


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Trick taking game where the trump "suit" is a number. Any card below the number trumps, but the highest trump played takes the titular Bottle Imp. Everyone gets points for tricks except for the last player with the Imp, who gets penalties. Nice three-player card game with deductive reasoning and incomplete information. Sometimes feels like work, but the game goes quickly.


(8/16) 7. Another game I probably like more than others. I don't find it to be the amazing 3 player experience that I've seen it described as, but I do really like it with 3. Interesting twist on trick taking. (10/17) Drop to 6. Fell a little flat on my second play but want to try it again.