The expansions include:

The 2 Player Game: Now 2 players can enjoy all the excitement and tension of Francis Drake. By using a 3rd "non-player", the decisions on Plymouth Street remain as challenging as ever and with different parts of the map blocked off on each voyage, competition for Spanish galleons, forts, and treasure remains intense.

The 6 Player Game: A new set of 16 Location Tiles specific for 6 players is included to provide enough goods on Plymouth Street, but with 6 eager privateers rushing for the best items, competition is fierce. The Caribbean phase of the game is very tight now with the 6 "would-be Drakes" racing for Spanish conquests, gold, and silver.

Spain's Revenge: Stronger Spanish Troop and Frigate counters make it more difficult to attack the Spanish forts and galleons.

Montezuma's Legacy: The VP for Spanish galleons now span 3 to 9, making the biggest galleon well worth chasing and the gem is zone 4 is replaced by a gold-coated skull worth 6VP. Optionally, this may be raised to 7 or 8 to increase competition for supplies to reach zone 4.

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Francis Drake: The Expansions

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