Power Grid Deluxe (Europe/North America)

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I love this game even though it mostly devolves down to math homework. Hey, I love math homework... sue me.


TRADED: 2018 (Math Trade for Wildcatters) RECEIVED: 2016 (Bought GN) PG is a game I bought without having played it simply because it is so revered. I would like to have access to this game in the future but I'm not sure whether I need it in my collection or not. May trade for something higher up my wish list. PROS -New board art and resources are great. The board is huuuge too! -PG is pure player interaction from the auction to the resource market to the city connections. NEUTRALS -Like Colosseum, PG has an interesting mix of quiet moments and loud moments. The quiet moments basically come from having to work out the math, which is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. CONS -While the board art is great the box art blows! More of the cartoonification of board games... -PG has a lot of little rules that are easy to miss or misunderstand. I feel like this would be one you'd have to study up on if any length of time between plays. -Likewise, it's quite fiddly. Bottom-deck this card, check the steps, move the discount marker, rearrange the market, etc. The game upkeep detracts from the game play. This is especially true of the plant market. If these rules were simplified, I would have enjoyed that more. -Is there a rich-get-richer problem? Possibly but this just means the other players need to be more adept at stopping this from happening. -On a related note, there will be games when one player is clearly going to win and you can just stop before the final round. The ability to math out the realities make the endgame anticlimactic.




Requires a lot of attention to price changes, route costs, and the other players' options, and many times comes down to a single Electro mistake. Tight and mathematical.


Usually willing to play ... if in the right mood :-). The geek complexity rating seems a little high ... it really is quite a simple game as far as rules go and has a nice clean game flow. The bookkeeping level is low.