Power Grid Deluxe (Europe/North America)


Welcome to Power Grid Deluxe: for the 10th anniversary of the highly successful game Power Grid we present a special version including brand new components.

The game includes a huge double-sided game board presenting Europe and North America, newly customized wooden parts and an entire deck of new power plants, some of which use natural gas instead of garbage. New overview cards for the resource refill improve game play. An exciting two-player experience is also added - "Against the Trust"!

The game is still Power Grid, with all the exciting auctions, the nerve-wracking resource speculations, city networks and the competition among the players, all the way to the tight game ending with several players fighting for the win. Still, this is a box filled with good and proven parts in a completely new shape: We wish you a lot of fun!

Double-sided Game Board (Europe / North America)
120 Coins
200+ Wooden Tokens
11 Overview Cards
43 Playing Cards

MSRP: $79.95Lowest: $56.99

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