Grimslingers 3rd Edition: Northern Territory Expansion


The Northern Territory contains some of the Forgotten Wests' strangest and most prolific spectacles, secrets and adventures. Resist the siren songs of the Red Maidens as you traverse the treacherous paths of the Red River. Brave the unforgiving cavernous interiors of the border wall known as Gates of Hell. Help or hinder newcomers to the Forgotten West in The Northern Outskirts. Delve into the cryptid creature filled depths of The Down Under and uncover ancient secrets in The Great Deep. Explore the Valley of Death anew, and more as you set out into the Northern Territory.

Grimslingers: The Northern Territory is an expansion to the Grimslingers core game, which refines and redefines all aspects of the game, while adding more of what players love. Better and deeper player versus player gameplay, along with a plethora of new solo/co-op content for players to delve into for many hours.

* 1 Rulebook (Fourth Edition)
* 1 Story Booklet (Child of Light Campaign)
* 1 Area Booklet (The Northern Territory)
* 4 Character Space Mats (cardstock)
* 1 Area Quick Reference Mat (cardstock)
* 1 Pad of Achievement Trackers
* 1 Pad of Progress Trackers
* 168 Cards

MSRP: $29.95

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