Shadows Over Camelot

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It just had one too many rules and conditions to remember, without enough reminders of what you could or could not do. I think that I WOULD like this if I played it more, but it got overlooked in favour of Cosmic Encounter. This game though - amazing production. ------- Got this in a trade, again, to give it another go. Now that I know what to expect, I think that I will see this game in a different light.


by 3MBG

BSG pretty much fired this game. Traded for Tammany Hall


The game flows well enough, but the decisions seem artifical and just driven by the game. At least the traitor adds flavour. The evil deck does make the game very tense. If people get into the theme, the game is hilarious. If not, the game is mechanical and can be a bit ho-hum. INCLUDED: Shadows over Camelot: Merlin's Company


Acquired in math trade, finally got to try it!


Game was a total slog, and then to have a hidden traitor was not fun.


a masterpiece ......


The simple questing game mechanic which brings the theme of King Arthur & Camelot to live. The traitor element adds a layer of fun to the game which is what makes the game stand out. Fun to play.


Great multiplayer puzzle. Love the "Werewolf/Mafia" aspect, which is most of the game after the puzzle is solved. Days of Wonder should support the game with rules changes to make it tougher to win with more than 4 players.


This design stands up to the aging process where so many games fail. Pretty well produced, fun theme, easy rules (something bad and something good). Good for the family.


3-7 player (best 5-7) 60-90 minutes


I am a fan of the traitor mechanic. I wish more games had it.


Purchase to represent "Mechanic: Cooperative"


Was fun the first two times I played. Not sure, but it might have been replaced by Dead of Winter. Might end up trading.


Solid game for game night. never been the traitor, though, so I don't know how that plays out.


A fairly simple cooperative game; easy to learn and usually fairly quick. Simplicity is also its biggest weakness, as you're usually just running around looking for straights, pairs, or full houses, or throwing miscellaneous cards at a few quests and hoping the evil deck doesn't do it better.


Not my favorite co-op, but the traitor mechanic adds a really fun twist, and the theme is fun.


It's fun, but I suspect there's a more "definitive" coop game out there.


Very enjoyable coop game, we got wooped bad though.


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